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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Grow Up

Although, to be honest, sometimes it's alright to be a little immature.

Butts for sale!


Some final Super Bowl thoughts: Everyone knows the halftime show sharks were the best part. But they've also had a long and storied history.


This man walks 21 miles to work every day. And strangers banded together in the most beautiful way to lend him a helping hand.


Learning to say "sorry" in a meaningful way. Tracking your finances. And 25 other habits all twentysomethings should develop.


Will Ferrell's rendition of "Drunk In Love" is absolutely flawless. It's sure to make your day.


Valentine's Day is fast approaching. But let's be real: Romance isn't always what it's chalked up to be.


Speaking of Valentine's Day: Don't have a date yet? These yummy foods are sure to keep you company.


And finally: Have you had enough of Frozen? This adorable little girl will sum up your feelings about it.

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