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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Cheat Sheet - I Didn’t Vaccinate My Daughter—And I Regret It

Read This, Skip That ....

February 03, 2015

Convinced by her own mother that vaccines were more trouble than they're worth, Sally Kohn chose not to inoculate her child. That was selfish, she says: Vaccines are about protecting everyone's children.


The family of Bobbi Kristina Brown says that cops found drugs in the young woman's home after she was discovered passed out and nearly drowning in a tub, according to TMZ. While police did not find any in their initial weekend search, they discovered several items when they looked for a second time. The family did not specify the types of drugs, and police would not confirm the information. Brown is doing significantly better, but she may have neurological damage from being submerged in a bathtub for as long as five minutes. "Bobbi Kristina is fighting for her life and is surrounded by immediate family," her family said in a statement. TMZ reports she's been able to "move her eyes" and that oxygen levels in her brain are increasing.


Paul Nungesser was cleared of a rape charge by Columbia University but his accuser maintains she was raped—and carries a mattress with her to emphasize what allegedly happened. Nungesser speaks for the first time to Cathy Young about that night and the trial-by-media.

Fancy Feast

Galatoire's doesn't take reservations, so the rich pay New Orleans's homeless hundreds of dollars to stand in line for them. M.L. Nestel reports on the seediest Mardi Gras practice you've never heard of.

Monster Mash

Four thousand foreign fighters have joined ISIS since the American air war began this summer, Tim Mak and Nancy Youssef report. That's about as many as the U.S. and its allies have killed. "The numbers are not moving in our favor," a senior senator tells The Daily Beast.

Justice Dept. Drops News Corp. Probe
Over phone-hacking scandal.
Japan: Sleep 'Researcher' Raped 100+
Cops say he posted films of the acts.
UN: Serbia Cleared of Croatia Genocide
But not of war crimes.
Manson Marriage License Set to Expire
The serial murderer is still single.

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