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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Which 2016 Republican Hopeful Do You Want in The White House?

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Personal Liberty Digest

If the Republican Primary
Were Tomorrow, Who
Would You Vote For?

Dear ,

We're now a little more than a year away from the 2016 Presidential election and Republican candidates are starting to announce their interest in running. Both Mitt Romney and Jeb Bush recently announced they were exploring candidacies. And Paul Ryan announced that he would not run., America's #1 news site for independent-minded individuals, is conducting its own straw poll. We want to know who you would vote for if the Republican primary were tomorrow? We also want to know which one political "issue" will be most important to voters in the 2016 Presidential election.

The results of the poll will be available to you after you submit your vote and we'll also share the poll results with major media outlets across the country. Thousands will vote, so take a moment right now to stand up and be counted. Your opinion matters!


Bob Livingston,
Editor, The Bob Livingston Letter™


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