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Thursday, December 11, 2014

U.S. Top News: U.S. chokehold protesters stage 'die-ins', issue demands in NY

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U.S. chokehold protesters stage 'die-ins', issue demands in NY
BERKELEY, Calif./NEW YORK (Reuters) - Students at medical schools around the United States staged "die-ins" to protest the chokehold death by police of an unarmed black man, and New York activists demanded the city take action after a grand jury declined to indict the officer involved.
Exclusive: Campaign contributions under scrutiny in California police probe
OAKLAND, Calif. (Reuters) - An investigator appointed by a U.S. federal judge is examining whether campaign contributions affected how the city of Oakland, California, chose its lawyers for police disciplinary cases, according to a source briefed on the probe.
New Jersey voters say U.S. not ready for president 'Jersey Guy' Christie: poll
(Reuters) - New Jersey voters say the rest of the United States is not ready for a "Jersey Guy" president and neither is the Garden State, where Governor Chris Christie's presidential appeal continues to slide, a poll released on Thursday showed.
Chicago proposes chokehold ban in wake of U.S. protests
CHICAGO (Reuters) - Chicago city council members have proposed a ban on the use of chokeholds by police officers working within city limits in an expansive proposal coming in the wake of the chokehold death of an unarmed black man being arrested in New York.
Rain, wind begins lashing northern California as storm approaches
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Rain and high winds lashed Northern California overnight, leaving thousands without power, as a major winter storm that marched across the Pacific Ocean was set to pound the state on Thursday, according to the National Weather Service.
Tennessee attraction offers Zombie Santa and undead elves for charity
NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Reuters) - A Nashville-area haunted house is getting into the Christmas spirit this weekend, with Zombie Santa, his undead elves and one demonic reindeer going on the attack for fun and charity.
Italy pursues alleged New York mobster for extortion
ROME (Reuters) - U.S. police, acting at the request of an Italian court, have arrested a New York City man authorities identify as a member of the Gambino mob family for extortion, Italian officials said on Thursday.
Police find body of woman in car of missing California family
(Reuters) - Police in southern California found the body of a woman on Wednesday inside the trunk of a car belonging to a family of six that has been missing for days, officials said.
Did torture really help U.S. find al Qaeda chief Hambali?
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Hailed as a major success in the U.S. "war on terror," the capture of Indonesian cleric Hambali if often touted by the U.S. intelligence community as evidence that harsh interrogation produces results.
Judge in Colorado cinema massacre case won't delay trial again
DENVER (Reuters) - A judge overseeing the Colorado movie theater massacre case said on Wednesday he will not delay the trial of gunman James Holmes again, rejecting a request by the defense for more time to study the results of a second court-ordered sanity exam.
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