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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Smart Money Is On To This Top Pick - Here's How You Can Profit

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As Oil Prices Slide – the Smart Money is flowing into Conventional U.S. Oil-Stocks like:
Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL
Currently around $1 with $40.86 Per Share* Value Potential!
breaking alert
Oil’s slide is making unconventional Bakken-type plays obsolete! Smart investors are moving into conventional plays like Utah’s Central Overthrust Region where $30 per barrel extraction costs are creating HUGE PROFITS even at today’s slumping oil prices!

  Virtus’s massive Utah oil-target has now been expanded by a stunning 58.2 percent – It’s the BREAKING NEWS we’ve been awaiting!  
  Investors stand to make HUGE GAINS on one of the highest potential, low-risk, low-cost oil resources in the western United States!  
  This could be one of the MOST IMPORTANT conventional onshore oil discoveries of the 21st century!  
  Buy Virtus VOIL now around $1 BEFORE the drills hit pay-dirt on 407 Million Barrels with $40.86 per share value-potential!  

“This sub-$1 stock just confirmed a Low-end resource estimate of $40.86 Per Share* in Recoverable Oil.”
charles moscowitz Dear Fellow Profit-Seeker,

My name is Charles Moskowitz, editor of The Moskowitz Report.

I’m writing you today to bring you my exclusive Special Situations Report on Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL – currently at an optimum buy-window around $1 per share.

The first thing I’d like to say is: there’s absolutely no hype here. I simply want you to profit, along with my regular subscribers, on my identification of Virtus’s incredible upside at this early stage.

Then perhaps after you see the types of gains my readers routinely enjoy – like +2,000% on Osiris and +980% on Cheniere Energy – you’ll decide to subscribe to my newsletter and join us in our pursuit of exclusive profit stocks like VOIL.

— Charles
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VOIL is a Rising Star
in the Current Oil Doldrums
All of us are aware of oil’s present slide – and while it’s certainly welcome news at the pump – many investors are wondering if now’s still a good time to be buying domestic energy stocks.
The answer is — NO and YES!

In terms of the large-cap, NYSE-listed producers like Exxon, Chevron, and BP – I’m saying “HOLD OFF” for the time being. These top-heavy firms are highly sensitive to the price of oil, which can be readily identified in their share-price patterns in relation to the price of oil.

Conversely, top junior explorers like Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL are far less affected by near-term gyrations in oil prices and can be bought with confidence in either a Bull or Bear oil-market.

In fact, I am 100% confident that – no matter which direction oil-prices trend next – Virtus is headed multiples higher over the near-term. How am I so sure? Because the Primary Value Drivers for junior operators like Virtus are the Size and Economic Viability of the Targeted Resource, the Pace of Project Development, and the Valuation Perspective of the Stock — and NOT the price of the underlying commodity.

Let’s take a quick look at the
4-Primary Value Drivers
for Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL

The first thing you should know about Virtus is that the company is targeting a truly massive oil resource in Utah’s prolific Central Overthrust Region – up to 407 Million barrels. At the low-end estimate we’re talking about upward of $2.035 Billion in oil – and that’s using just 10% of the low-end estimate and nearly a 30% discount on current oil prices.
Secondly, Virtus is developing a high-potential, low-risk, low-cost conventional oil play right next door to Wolverine’s world-class Billion barrel discovery. This is a simple and economical way to explore for oil; drilling straight down at fairly shallow depths with NO need for controversial high-risk, high-cost “fracking” of the host rock.
Thirdly, Virtus’s pace of development is simply off-the-charts. Respected oil and gas consulting firm Gustavson Associates just reported a stunning 58.2% increase in estimated resources for Virtus’s Parowan Project. The VOIL team is now plotting the location of the first well – and that means a TON of great news should be just around the corner.
Finally, from a valuation perspective, I see Virtus as an absolute steal at current price levels. We’re talking about a miniscule market-cap of only about $45 Million and upward of $2.035 BILLION in oil-production potential from the company’s Utah holdings. I’m seeing the potential for one of the FASTEST DOUBLES EVER for those who quickly jump on VOIL around $1 per share.
The bottom line is that Virtus may be well on its way to becoming the next major player in the western United States with booming, low-cost oil production and a rapidly advancing share-price.

The time to buy is now – just before the start of drilling!
utah oil rush
All you need to do is jump on Virtus early and low!
In my full Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL report, I’ll show you:
  How to follow the Smart-Money into Virtus right now!  
  Why being early in Utah’s oil-boom can net you Epic Gains!  
  JUST HOW HIGH your VOIL shares can climb on 407M barrels!  
  Why Virtus is poised for Oil-Production Success in any oil market!  
I’m staking my reputation on Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL at current price levels around $1 per share. I see this stock increasing by several-fold over the coming quarters as multiple-$Billions continue to pour into this massive U.S. production zone.
Click below for my full report
on Virtus Oil & Gas VOIL – then,
Prepare for Profits!

  To your future wealth,
charles moskowitz
Charles Moskowitz, Editor
The Moskowitz Report
YES! I want to be among the First-to-Profit
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