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Thursday, December 11, 2014

2014's Hipsters Of The Year

Nobody loved kale or wore flannel or talked about craft beer better than them.

The 35 Most Hipster Things That Happened In 2014

All of these people are cooler than you. (Or at least they think so.)

see, now THAT is how you combine a mustache and lights in your beard


Think you made some mistakes this year? Things could have been way, way worse.


Parents tried to guess the meaning of 2014's buzz words. They didn't do so well.


Becoming an adult and leaving your childhood years in the past isn’t easy. There's a lot you learn growing up.


This woman decided to mess with guys on OKCupid in the best way possible. Everyone, this is how it's done.


Which musicians are going to be big in 2015? Spotify just made their predictions — so you should start listening to these 18 artists ASAP.


Teachers assigned some difficult writing assignments this year. And kids responded with some brilliant essays.


The world's most expensive photo just sold for $6.5 million. It's cool... but probably not $6.5 million cool.


And finally: This farmer serenaded his cows with "Jingle Bells." Happy holidays, everyone!

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