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Thursday, December 11, 2014

Torture Or Just Uncomfortable?

According to Rep. Peter King, the CIA torture report really isn't all that bad.

Top White House Aide Leaving Ahead Of Possible Clinton Campaign

— by Ruby Cramer and Evan McMorris-Santoro


Dick Cheney Calls The Senate Torture Report “Full Of Crap”

• Arizona Congressman: McCain Knows A Lot About Torture But Is Wrong

Democrat: There Will Probably Be Another Ferguson Before D.C. Gets Serious About Police Militarization

• Senate Democrats Considering A “Coordinated Effort” To Vote Against The Government Funding Bill


• Here’s What Police Actually Planned To Say If Darren Wilson Was Indicted

All The Times Nazi Imagery Appeared On Products This Year

• Goldman Sachs CEO Says New Economy Comes "At The Expense Of Labor"


Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel at Perez Elementary School this morning, where he announced an investment in arts education. @chicagosmayor /

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