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Thursday, December 4, 2014

Cheat Sheet - ‘I Can’t Breathe!’ Indicts Cop Culture

Read This, Skip That ....

December 04, 2014
The NYPD officer who choked Eric Garner to death will not be indicted, but that does not change what the dying man cried out: "I can't breathe! I can't breathe!" Michael Daly asks: How could police ignore his plea for life?
Protesters in New York shut down bridges, highways, and tunnels Wednesday night after a grand jury let off Officer Daniel Pantaleo. Jacob Siegel reports that after months of predominantly black protests in Ferguson, New Yorkers of every color announced: "We can't breathe!"

Footprints Recruiting, the Vancouver-based teacher-recruitment company, announced Thursday that the teacher murdered in Abu Dhabi is Ibolya Ryan. In addition, the Interior Ministry of the United Arab Emirates announced it has arrested a suspect, and that the Emirati woman believed to be behind the murder also planned to bomb an American doctor's home. Footprints Recruiting said that it considers the Emirates and Abu Dhabi to be a safe environment. According to the police in Abu Dhabi, Ryan was stabbed in a public restroom at a mall by a suspect wearing a full black veil, which is commonly worn by women.


A total of 17 states, most led by Republicans, sued the Obama administration on Wednesday, accusing it of acting illegally when it issued an executive order to ease deportation policies. The suit is being led by Texas, and includes Alabama, Idaho, Mississippi, Utah, and North Carolina, among others. "The president is abdicating his responsibility to faithfully enforce laws that were duly enacted by Congress and attempting to rewrite immigration laws, which he has no authority to do," declared Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, the Republican Texas governor-elect. 

American fighter planes are currently the fastest, most maneuverable jets in the world, but their weapons are becoming increasingly obsolete—and that has some in the U.S. Air Force spooked. Dave Majumdar reports.

Video: Al Qaeda Vows to Kill U.S. Hostage
Luke Somers pleads for help in new recording.
76ers End 0-17 NBA Run with a Win
Beat the Minnesota Timberwolves.
Chechnya Gun Battle Kills at Least 11
Just before Putin speech.
Mom Charged Over Girl's Body in Fridge
Child had cerebral palsy.
AC/DC Drummer Told to Stay Off Drugs
Arrested again on Thursday.

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