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Thursday, December 4, 2014

What A Bunch Of Bafflegab!

These old-timey words went out of style. It's time we brought them back.

15 Silly Old-Timey Words You Need To Start Using Again

It's absolute horsefeathers that we let these words go out of style. Let's bring them back, you blatherskites!

gibberish words for al!


Santa, you're great. But why do you take so many disturbing photos?


Tinder's grown from a dating app to a cultural phenomenon this year. These were the most important Tinder moments of 2014.


"One size fits all" stores are everywhere now. This is what their clothes actually look like on all body types.


'Tis the season to give gifts, but picking the right one can be tricky. So these super cozy gift ideas might help.


Do your car windows get steamy every morning in the winter? This hack is just for you.


Some big decisions were made this year. Some were so big, they nearly spun the Earth off its axis.


Take a look at Canada's fast food restaurant menus. It seems that Canada's basically selling food exclusively to stoners.


This plumber got caught dancing on the job. We could all learn a move (or 12) from him.


And finally: These memes from 2014 should be emojis. Get on this quick, emoji people.

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