Same-Sex Marriage: Knowing Your Rights to Protect Your Money
Hosted by Harriette Cole

The Root Live: Bring it to the Table returns this week with a highly informative discussion on the rights of married same-sex couples. As of today, 32 states and Washington D.C. have legalized same-sex marriage, but that does that mean for couples financially – especially in the states that have not legalized it?

Our guests this week are writer, activist, and co-founder of YOU Belong, Darnell Moore, and Jim Mahaney, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Prudential. They will discuss the changing landscape for same-sex marriage and the potential effects on social security benefits, 401(k) savings, and divorce.

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  • Darnell Moore, Writer, activist, and co-founder, YOU Belong

  • Jim Mahaney, VP of Strategic Initiatives, Prudential
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