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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Gary, Indiana Is a Serial Killer’s Playground

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October 22, 2014

Darren Deon Vann's hometown has 10,000 abandoned houses, more than enough for him to hide the bodies of the six women that police say he confessed to killing. Even worse, Justin Glawe reports, it's a place where women disappeared without being missed.


According to leaked information about the official Michael Brown autopsy and toxicology report, the teenager was shot in the hand at close range, and he had marijuana in his system. In addition, Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson reportedly told investigators that Brown went for Wilson's gun inside the police SUV, and then Brown was shot twice. Then, later, Wilson shot Brown again, killing him. According to two experts not affiliated with the investigation who looked at the report, the autopsy does not hold up the claim that Brown was shot while running away, or with his hands up. In addition, the experts claimed, it supports the claim that Brown was reaching for the gun.


Former Washington Post editor Ben Bradlee, who championed the reporting that brought down Richard Nixon, died Tuesday at 93. Tom Shales, Bradlee's Pulitzer Prize-winning television critic at the Post, says his former boss justified the description "legendary" a hundred times over.


Radical groups in Syria aren't just recruiting adult Westerners, they also are reaching the youth. According to law enforcement, three unidentified American girls en route to Syria were tracked down by the FBI and returned home. The girls—two sisters, age 17 and 15, of Somali origin, and their 16-year-old friend, whose roots are in Sudan—are from suburban Denver, and were on their way to join militant groups "to fulfill what they believe is some vision that has been put out on a slick media campaign" by radical groups in Syria, such as ISIS. The teenagers were said to have stolen about $2,000 from their parents before flying to Germany. They had contacts in Germany, but were stopped in Frankfurt and sent back to the United States after a source close to them alerted authorities. Police said they were checking evidence, including the girls' computers.


Just a few months ago, ISIS looked like an unstoppable army as it took down city after city. Now, reports Jacob Siegel, the movement is bogged down in a small Syrian town. Has the West found the way to beat the wannabe Islamic State?

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