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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

Krauthammer On Obama, Dems: 'The Days Of Hiding Under Harry Reid's Desk Are Over' [VIDEO]

With Republicans set to take over both chambers of Congress on Tuesday, syndicated columnist Charles Krauthammer said on "The O'Reilly Factor" Monday he cannot wait for the GOP to take the reigns and show that "the grown-ups are now in control."…

How To Beat Boehner

You say you want a revolution? On Tuesday, conservatives will attempt what looks like yet another quixotic effort to topple Speaker John Boehner, and a question arises: Is it nobler to try and fail, or to observe the maxim: "When you strike at a…

AMAZING: Little Girl Survives Freezing Nighttime Plane Crash That Killed Her Family In The Middle Of The Woods

'Bravest kid I ever seen in my life'

2014: Another Year Without Global Warming

There are now 219 months with no significant upward temperature trend, according to an analysis of satellite data, which is more than half the 432-month satellite temperature record. Climate scientists sounded the alarm last year that 2014 was on…

Disgusting Little Pukes Try To Ruin Medal Ceremony For 100-Year-Old Navy Vet Who Had Nothing To Do With Ferguson

The stalwart Chuck Ross has all the details, but just look at this nonsense in Oregon during a ceremony for WWII Navy veteran Dario Raschio: I realize that nobody who staged this asshole-in is reading this, because it's not on MSNBC. But what…

Teresa Giudice Heads To Prison

WaPo Columnist Has Interesting Announcement Concerning His Shaft

Among Washington's 'Best And Brightest'

Morning Mirror

Quote of the Day: "Search for 'saudi king' on Twitter and you'll get to observe how unsourced rumors can spread uncritically and unchallenged." – Andy Carvin, First Look Media. Politico columnist doesn't want spoilers for Downton Abbey "I can't…

Concealed Carry Tactics To Neutralize A Home Invasion

No longer a bump-in-the-night problem - it's broad daylight team invasions

Family Dollar Stores Face Scrutiny For Asking Customers To Remove Hoodies

'I would call it discrimination. That's not right'

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