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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

A+ For Effort

Who said the class clown has to be a student? These teachers have jokes.

27 Times Teachers Found Joy In Their Work

Remember: Don’t slack off in class. It always ends badly.

Time will pass. Will you?


If you've been on Facebook lately, you've probably seen people posting a copyright notice. FYI: It's total nonsense.


This woman was accused of lying in her OKCupid profile. So she went and proved the guy totally wrong.


What kind of ex are you? It’s time to find out how you bounce back from a breakup.


A lot of things happen when you’re almost 30. Life changes in so many unexpected ways.


News that won’t surprise women: Try 10 pairs of the same size jeans, and you’ll find that all 10 actually fit differently.


In other fashion news: This Urban Outfitters photo has been banned for its “harmful” thigh-gap.


Are these things really satisfying or really gross? Only you can decide.


This couple hated how expensive it is to plan the perfect wedding. So they set up a surprise celebration instead.


And finally: A teen with cancer is being sent thousands of virtual therapy dogs to cheer him up. The internet’s done well.

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