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Monday, January 19, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

Seth Rogen: 'American Sniper' Like Fake Nazi Propaganda Film

Last month comedian Seth Rogen was the cause célèbre of Hollywood when terroristic threats caused Sony Pictures to cancel the release of his latest movie "The Interview." Americans from across the political spectrum spoke out in favor of Rogen's…

Ezra Klein's Neo-Prohibitionist Wife: Fight Fake Rape Epidemic With Sky-High Beer Taxes, More Weed

Harvard American literature major has it all figured out, man

From The Archives: 50 Years Ago, Lyndon Johnson Urged Martin Luther King, Jr. To Be More Like Hitler

'I don't want to follow [Adolf] Hitler, but he had a — he had a[n] idea'

Is Emily Ratajkowski Giving Up Clothes For 2015? [PHOTOS]

This lingerie sure makes it look that way

'American Sniper' Crushes Box Office Records With HUGE Weekend

Clint Eastwood you did it again

Seth Rogen: 'American Sniper' Like Fake Nazi Propaganda Film

Obama To Show Michelle TAJ MAHAL This Month After Avoiding French Anti-Terror March

Michael Moore Slams 'American Sniper' Chris Kyle As A 'Coward'

Progressive filmmaker takes to Twitter to attack dead Navy SEAL

Another Week, Another Executive Gun Control Action: BATFE Reverses Prior Position On Pistol "Stabilizing Braces"

Sig Sauer SB15 is now a threat to humanity

Right-To-Work Counties Faces Challenge

'In recent months 20 or 30 little towns in Kentucky have been induced to pass 'right-to-work' ordinances'

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