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Monday, January 19, 2015


These people really should have thought ahead before doing these dumb things.

Keep your firecrackers out of manure.


Sleeping in the airport is a traveler's worst nightmare. Thank goodness they're developing airport nap pods.


With these tips, Amazon lovers can shop until they drop. Because nothing says happiness like next-day shipping.


Pulling off a good photobomb is hard. But photobombing a stock photo? That's just impressive.


Ever wonder how the characters on Friends always got seats on their favorite couch? There has been an explanation in front of us all along.


Speaking of Friends: Without its classic theme music, the show's intro is just plain creepy.


Is it easy to get queasy? It's time to test how strong your stomach really is.


And lastly: If you'd rather read in bed than go to a party, then you definitely know what the introvert life is like.

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