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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Feeling Lazy

There’s nothing wrong with being lazy. It’s just that your case is out of control.

21 Signs Your Laziness Has Gotten Totally Out Of Control

Everyone feels lazy from time to time. But this kind of laziness is almost impressive.

eaaaaaaaaaaasy, big fella


What should your Benedict Cumberbatch name be? You deserve a goofy name to call your own.


An anti-gay pastor took on Ellen DeGeneres. And Ellen responded in the most amazing way.


This dad got caught dancing in his pajamas. Just remember: You're never too old to have sweet moves.


This couple completely nailed their baby announcement photo. Nicely done, you two.


What’s wrong with these perfect men? There’s always a flaw.


You’ve heard facts like, “You only use 10% of your brain.” But are those facts actually true?


Some office workers were caught on video harassing a delivery guy. The internet’s freaking out about it.


And finally: You can turn any food into pizza. All it takes is a little imagination (and a lot of cheese).

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