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Monday, December 1, 2014

Wait, It's December Already?

That escalated quickly. So here are some hilarious photos to make this week better.

sounds about right


Your entire life is a lie. And these photos are proof.


There's nothing quite like perfection. Why should you settle for anything less?


Some guys are re-creating photos to show what girls do on Instagram. And it's pretty funny.


PSA: If you see a sign that says, "You may encounter nude sunbathers eating waffles," you should probably ask some questions.


It's almost 2015. How many important things that happened this year have you already forgotten about?


Here's to the people who could only watch as things escalated quickly. Things really can jump up a notch.


Confusing "your" and "you're." Always messing up "it's" and "its." And 19 other language sins that'll send you straight to spooky grammar hell.


Going to the movies isn't an easy decision. There's a lot that goes into the process.


And finally: Americans tried to label states in Australia. It went exceptionally poorly.

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