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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Listen Up, Santa

We're not messing around here. You better get your act together, and really fast.

19 Kids’ Letters To Santa That Did Not Screw Around

This kid wants his pony — or there will be consequences. Santa, are you listening?

you BETTER do it, Santa


2014 was the year that selfies went mainstream. These were the year's most significant.


Badass women alert: You may not have heard about what these women did this year. But you should have.


These 18 questions are almost impossible to answer. So choose your answers very carefully.


Here's to the most swoonworthy love songs from 2014. From T-Swift to Sam Smith, there was a lot to love.


Here's some advice: Don't get out of bed in the morning. It's just not worth it.


What kind of person are you? How you eat your food says a lot about you.


The '90s made a huge comeback in 2014. Time is a flat circle.


And finally: The royal baby had some thoughts this year. Some very important thoughts.

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