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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Technology Report: FBI official says 'no attribution' to North Korea in Sony hack probe

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FBI official says 'no attribution' to North Korea in Sony hack probe
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior FBI official said on Tuesday that the agency has not confirmed widely held suspicions that North Korea is behind the unprecedented cyber attack on Sony's Hollywood studio.
Intel unveils platform to simplify connectivity of products
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Intel Corp on Tuesday unveiled a new platform to make it easier for companies to create Internet-connected smart products using its chips, security and software.
PM Abe says Apple to build technical center in Japan
TOKYO (Reuters) - Apple Inc is building a technical development center in Japan, Prime Minister Abe Shinzo said on Tuesday, which a company spokesman later confirmed, saying that the plan calls for several dozen jobs to be created as a result.
Internet firms push to be left out of EU cybersecurity law
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Internet companies like Cisco and Google are seeking to be excluded from a new EU cybersecurity law that would force them to adopt tough security measures and report serious security breaches to national authorities.
Bitcoin Trust wins 48,000 bitcoins auctioned by U.S. Marshals
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Bitcoin Investment Trust, an investment fund focused on the digital currency for high net-worth individuals, has won the bidding for 48,000 bitcoins auctioned last Thursday, Brendan O'Connor, managing director of the SecondMarket exchange, said on Tuesday.
India clamps down on unregistered taxis after Uber rape claim
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - India ordered state governments to halt the operations of all unregistered, web-based taxi companies on Tuesday after a female passenger reported she was raped in New Delhi by a driver contracted to U.S. cab company Uber.
Dubai's world-beating skyscraper now in Google Street View
(Reuters) - Armchair travelers can visit the world's tallest skyscraper and inspect one of the largest shopping malls with the addition of Dubai to Google Street View, Google said on Tuesday.
French-American software start-up to launch automatic password changer
LONDON (Reuters) - A French-American software start-up is to launch the world's first mainstream automatic password changer in an attempt to remove the all-too-human frailty that has rendered the phrase "computer security" a worrying oxymoron.
Amazon adds bidding option to site for fine art, collectibles
(Reuters) - Inc added a new feature to its website on Tuesday that allows customers to bid for lower prices on more than 150,000 items, including fine art and rare coins, sold by third-party vendors.
BT to continue O2 and EE deal talks after board meeting-source
LONDON (Reuters) - The board of BT met on Tuesday to discuss the possible acquisition of British mobile operators O2 or EE, and agreed to continue talks with both sides, a person familiar with the situation said.
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