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Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Cheat Sheet - The Most Gruesome Moments in the CIA ‘Torture Report’

Read This, Skip That ....

December 09, 2014
The Senate Intelligence Committee's report on the CIA's interrogation practices reveals the program was far worse than anyone imagined. Detainees were forced to stand on broken legs, go 180 hours without sleep, undergo rectal feeding and more, report Shane Harris and Tim Mak.
The CIA is disputing the Senate Intelligence Committee report's main finding that interrogation of terrorist suspects using torture did not produce information that produced a counterterrorism success. In response to the report, the CIA released a statement Tuesday that said the agency's tactics, including "interrogations of detainees on whom [enhanced interrogation techniques] were used" resulted in "valuable and unique intelligence that helped thwart attack plans, capture terrorists, and save lives." Former CIA directors and officials defended their record in The Wall Street Journal and accused Senate Democrats of having "'cherry-picked' their way through six million pages of documents, ignoring some data and highlighting others, to construct their argument against the program's effectiveness." The CIA did admit that the "program had shortcomings and the agency made mistakes."

NYPD anti-terror officers killed a knife-wielding man who stabbed an Israeli student at the Chabad-Lubavitch synagogue in Brooklyn's Crown Heights neighborhood. According to a witness, Calvin Peters rushed into the synagogue screaming "I want to kill the Jew!" at around 1:45 a.m. Tuesday morning. Shortly after he stabbed Levi Rosenviat, 22, in the head, cops swarmed in. Peters initially listened to cops' command to put down the knife but then picked it up. Police said he refused to put it down and charged at cops. Police then fired, fatally shooting Peters. Rosenviat is in stable condition.

They've enslaved thousands of Yazidi women and now the militants of the self-styled Islamic State must follow "rules" laid out in an awful new list of dos and don'ts. From "permissible" sex practices with slaves to acceptable reasons for beating, Jamie Dettmer reveals the most heinous rules in the would-be slavery manual.

A judge in Spain ordered Uber to stop operating in the country as a cautionary measure proposed by the Madrid Taxi Association. Cab associations in Spain have filed complaints against the app-based car service for fostering unfair competition for licensed taxi drivers. The judge from a Madrid mercantile court issued the suspension without hearing arguments from Uber. The ruling instructed all telecommunications and electronic-payment firms to stop processing interactions with Uber. The Spanish suspension comes just days after New Delhi's ban on Uber, after a driver allegedly raped a woman during a taxi ride.

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Was suspended due to lack of funds.
Gruber: Sorry for 'Insulting' Americans
Denies being "architect" of Obamacare.
Sony Hack Leaks Celeb Numbers, Aliases
Tom Hanks, Julia Roberts contact info.

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