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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Reuters Oddly Enough Report

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Reuters Election 2012 Daily round-up of the day's top news from the campaign trail, the White House and all the politics in between
'Hairgate': iPhone hit by new social media storm
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - First there was bendgate... now brace yourself for hairgate.
India wields the axe on Her Majesty's "laughable" laws
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - If you happen to unearth treasure worth even as little as 10 rupees (16 U.S. cents) in India, don't even think of pocketing it - that's because under a law introduced by the former British colonial rulers, it still belongs to "Her Majesty".
Delaware mother charged after daughter brings heroin to daycare
(Reuters) - A Delaware mother was arrested on Monday after her four-year-old daughter unknowingly brought roughly 250 packets of heroin to her daycare, and passed them out to classmates thinking they were candy, police said.
Bounced school-lunch check may cost Washington state parent $700
SEATTLE (Reuters) - A Washington state mother may be forced to pay nearly $700 after bouncing a $30 check to pay for her two children's high school lunches, school and debt collections officials said on Friday.
Hundreds of chickens killed by intruders at California farm: police
(Reuters) - Intruders beat to death more than 900 chickens, some of them with a golf club, during a break-in at a commercial poultry farm in central California, authorities said.
France's Le Pen loses driving license, but says not her fault
PARIS (Reuters) - French far-right leader Marine Le Pen said on Wednesday police had confiscated her driving license for a string of road offences - but insisted they had been committed by someone else.
Spanish speleologist rescued from Peruvian cave after 12 days
LIMA (Reuters) - A Spanish speleologist trapped 400 meters (1,312 feet) underground in a cave in the Peruvian Amazon for nearly two weeks was pulled to safety on Tuesday, a rescue worker said.
Silicon Valley man unwittingly invites fugitive into home amid manhunt
(Reuters) - A Silicon Valley homeowner unwittingly welcomed a fugitive into his home and shared a meal with the wanted man as California law enforcement officers canvassed the neighborhood in a manhunt, police said on Tuesday.
Dallas man arrested after ill-fated casket prank
DALLAS (Reuters) - A Texas man suspected of stealing a casket to play a prank on his sister by making her think he had dug up their dead father was arrested after she called police, police said on Tuesday.
Belgian police waive traffic fines in protest over pensions
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - Belgians who drive a bit over the speed limit, forget to buckle their seat belts or park illegally can breathe easier this week as police turn a blind eye in protest against plans to raise their retirement age.
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