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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

They Let Kids Play With This?

Sorry, but these toys are probably not appropriate for little kids to play with.

18 Kids Toys That Are Hilariously Inappropriate

Sure, this seems OK for kids. Nothing weird going on here!

hahaha NOPE


Thanks to these copycat recipes, now you can make Red Lobster cheddar biscuits or Olive Garden breadsticks in your kitchen. You'll never need to leave home again.


iPhone 6 users say the phone is ripping out chunks of their hair. That can't be good.


This woman can sing multiple notes at the same time. It's freaking mind-blowing.


Can you match the emoji with its true meaning? Well, can you?


Also on the note of emojis: There are so many questions that emojis still need to answer.


This is what the cast of The Cosby Show looks like now. Things have really changed.


This man gave money to an elderly woman begging on the street. The next day, he spotted her driving a new car.


And finally: What new book should you read this fall? This quiz has the answer for you.

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