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Friday, October 17, 2014

Here's Proof That Love Isn't Dead

Romance is still alive and well — and we've got the pictures to prove it.

21 Pictures That Prove That True Love Isn’t Dead

Romance isn't just for the movies. It's around us each and every day.

sounds good, Mr. Sunshine!


We asked 24 women to share the advice they'll give their daughter about dating. Their answers were heartwarming.


Having a roommate is a struggle. They always do the worst things.


Some celebs should definitely have a baby together. Celebs, please make this happen soon.


How much science do you know? Maybe you know more than you think.


Here's some advice, guys: If you're talking to women on Tinder, there are only a few things you should actually do.


There were dresses made of sports jerseys. Von Dutch hats, too. Early 2000s fashion really was the worst.


Which historical couple are you and your significant other? Sorry, but not everyone can be a Bonnie & Clyde.


And finally: Forget fortune cookies. Bathroom graffiti is truly the best source of advice.

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