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Friday, October 17, 2014

ScienceDaily: Living Well News

ScienceDaily: Living Well News

I have to walk how many miles to burn off this soda?

Posted: 16 Oct 2014 01:59 PM PDT

Adolescents who saw printed signs explaining the number of miles they would need to walk to burn off the calories in a sugary drink were more likely to leave the store with a lower calorie beverage, a healthier beverage or a smaller size beverage, according to new research.

Resveratrol boosts spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome

Posted: 16 Oct 2014 11:08 AM PDT

Resveratrol, a natural compound found in red wine and grapes, increased spinal bone density in men with metabolic syndrome and could hold promise as a treatment for osteoporosis, according to a new study.

Male and female brains aren't equal when it comes to fat

Posted: 16 Oct 2014 09:35 AM PDT

Researchers have found that male and female brains respond in remarkably different ways to high-fat meals. Those differences in the brain lead to greater inflammation and increased health risks in males that indulge on fatty foods in comparison to females, a new study in mice shows. The findings may help to explain observed differences in obesity outcomes between women and men and suggest that dietary advice should be made more sex-specific.

Oh, brother! Having a sibling makes boys selfless, study suggests

Posted: 16 Oct 2014 07:04 AM PDT

A study found that siblings uniquely promote sympathy and altruism. Boys and girls benefited equally -- a surprise since girls generally benefit more from friendships. However, researchers found that hostile relationship with a sibling made boys more likely to have behavior problems.

Pre-eclampsia may be caused by the fetus, not the placenta, says expert

Posted: 16 Oct 2014 07:03 AM PDT

Pre-eclampsia, the potentially deadly condition that affects pregnant women, may be caused by problems meeting the oxygen demands of the growing fetus, according to experts. The researchers believe that pregnancy is uneventful in women who are able to maintain a sustained, balanced oxygen supply to meet the changing metabolic demands of the fetus. It is when a woman has a reduced capacity to provide oxygen to the fetus that it can become deadly to the mother and baby.

Weight gain study suggests polyunsaturated oil healthier option

Posted: 15 Oct 2014 01:52 PM PDT

Rapid weight gain from eating foods rich in saturated fats quickly increased bad cholesterol levels, even in otherwise healthy and normal-weight adults in their mid-20s. The opposite was true in those who ate products made with polyunsaturated fats, even though they gained equal weight in the same amount of time.

US college students eat their vegetables; Really?

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 12:26 PM PDT

US college students fare better than UK students on key health measures, a new study has shown. More than twice as many college students in the U.K. identified as smokers -- 39 percent compared with 16 percent in the U.S. Tobacco- and smoke-free campuses are a growing trend in the U.S. There are 1,478 smoke-free campuses, according to the group American Nonsmokers' Rights Foundation. Of these, 976 are 100 percent tobacco-free, and 292 prohibit the use of e-cigarettes anywhere on campus.

Feeling guilty or ashamed? Think about your emotions before you shop

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 08:41 AM PDT

Suppose you grabbed a few cookies before heading out to the grocery store and start to feel guilty or ashamed about breaking your diet. According to a new study, feeling guilty might find you comparing calories in different cartons of ice cream. Feeling ashamed might keep you from buying any ice cream in the first place.

Forced to be bad: Consumers happier when someone else decides they can indulge

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 08:41 AM PDT

Imagine you're dining out with a friend who insists on sharing some chocolate cake for dessert. Since the decision has already been made for you, you gladly join in without feeling any regret. According to a new study, consumers are happier when someone else decides they can indulge in dessert or other guilty pleasures.

Brand loyalty: What happens when our favorite products are unavailable?

Posted: 14 Oct 2014 07:31 AM PDT

What would happen to all those millions of Snickers fans if their favorite chocolate bar was temporarily out of stock? Would they wait for it to be available again or would they quickly switch allegiance to Milky Way or Kit Kat? According to a new study, when you can't get your favorite product, you'll quickly forget about it if you can find a good replacement.

Stress may be harder on women's hearts than men's

Posted: 13 Oct 2014 04:03 PM PDT

Researchers have known for decades that stress contributes to heart disease. But a new analysis shows that mental stress may tax women's hearts more than men's. "Normally when under stress, we fight back or run away. In order to do that, we need to pump more blood to the body," said the study's senior author. "According to the data, women were not reacting that way as well as men were."

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