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Friday, February 6, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

Obama Admin's Department Of Labor Website Launched A Cyber Attack

The Obama administration's Department of Labor (DOL) website was used to launch a cyber-attack, infecting visitors logging on to official DOL web pages on nuclear energy. DOL's "nuclear-related" web pages sent out a "Watering Hole" attack in April…

Beware Of Poppycock 2016 Punditry

Debunking some of the latest nonsense about the 2016 GOP primaries

Mining The Moon Is Not So Far-Fetched — Maybe

Should the FAA have authority over moon mining?

Parents Of Kidnapped Journalist Austin Tice Ask For Help, Seek Reform

'We haven't done enough until he's home'

State With No Captive Whales And Dolphins Moves To Ban Captive Whales And Dolphins

Free Willy would not approve

Columbia: Attend Rape Workshops, Or No Diploma

The Uncluttered Carbine: A Personalized Upper/Lower Matchup Results In A Purpose-Built, Accurate AR

RNC Hits Hillary Clinton's Press Team For Not Answering Reporter Q's

Here we's WAR

Brian Williams Needs To Resign, And Here's Why

He's crossed a Rubicon that cannot be uncrossed.

When Anthony Weiner Thinks You're Embarrassing…

Former Congressman calls Vox post "dreck"

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