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Friday, February 6, 2015

Cheat Sheet - ISIS Took Her Hostage. Now They Say She’s Dead.

Read This, Skip That ....

February 06, 2015

Kayla Mueller went to Syria to help suffering children. Then she was abducted by monsters. Shane Harris reports on the 26-year-old American—who would be the fourth to die in ISIS's hands.

Signs of Decay

Jamie Dettmer reports that disagreements on how to handle foreign prisoners like Mueller, divide the spoils of war, and competition over women are dividing ISIS. Defections are rising and tribes are splintering off. Are the terrorists their own worst enemy?


The pilot who claimed he was flying the Chinook helicopter carrying Brian Williams in Iraq no longer stands by his story. The pilot, Rich Krell, told CNN's Brian Stelter that "the information I gave you was true based on my memories, but at this point I am questioning my memories." He originally said he was in command of the second of three helicopters flying in formation, on which Williams was aboard. He said that the "first bird" was struck by a rocket-propelled grenade (contradicting Williams's story about being inside that helicopter) but that all three came under "small arms fire," lending some credence to Williams's story about getting hit.


U.S. employers added 257,000 jobs in January, capping off the best three months of consecutive employment growth in 17 years. December's job gains were revised up to 329,000 and November to a whopping 423,000. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics report Friday, the unemployment rate rose to 5.7 percent as more people started looking for work again. Best of all, average hourly earnings went up by 0.5 percent in one month, the most since November 2008.

Alarming Trend

Estimates released today show more than half a million girls living in America have been cut or are at risk of being cut—more than triple the figure from the first nationwide count. Nina Strochlic reports.

Bubonic Plague Found in NYC Subway
Meningitis germs, too.
Major Labels Hoard Most Spotify Profit
Artists end up with less than 7 percent.
Obama 'Has Offended Every Christian'
Compared crusades to ISIS.
Bobby Brown Won't Pull Plug on Daughter
Despite doctors calling time.
Detroit Hitchhiker Gets a Free Car
For 21-mile commute for work.

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