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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Pause And Rewind

Think back to your childhood — and the hassle of old school technology.

19 Frustrating Things Today’s Kids Will Never Experience

Remember using VHS tapes? What about dial-up internet? Man, those weren't the days.

Oh my god, I don't miss these things at all.


The Fresh Prince has one of the best theme songs ever. Heads up: Here's a rendition better than the original.


Celebrities reading mean tweets about themselves is always hilarious. Seriously, try not to laugh.


Saying "I love you" when you're ready. Going on plenty of adventures. And 47 other relationship resolutions twentysomethings should consider.


Parents can be pretty embarrassing. The truth is, sometimes it's just really hard for them to chill out.


At some point in life, you realize socks are actually a great gift. Some things just get so much better with age.


Imagine The Little Mermaid with her nose on top of her head. If Disney followed real science, some pretty horrifying things would happen.


And finally: Ever wonder what jelly bean flavor you'd be? No matter what, you're sure to be delicious.

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