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Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Cheat Sheet - ISIS Snuff Films’ Sleight of Hand

Read This, Skip That ....

February 04, 2015

U.S. officials say ISIS executed a Jordanian pilot a month ago. It's not the first time the group has hidden whether hostages are alive or dead, Shane Harris reports.


A train packed with rush-hour commuters struck a car at 6:30 p.m. Tuesday near the town of Valhalla, New York, killing six in the deadliest accident in the Metro-North railroad's history. A Jeep Cherokee was stopped on the tracks when the railroad crossing gates came down on top of it before the accident, according to an MTA spokesman. The driver got out to look at the rear of the car and got back in and drove forward—and the train then struck the car. The driver and five passengers aboard the train were killed, with at least a dozen injured. "The third rail of the track came up from the explosion and went right through the car," Gov. Andrew Cuomo said. "So it is truly a devastatingly ugly situation to see."


At least 19 people are dead after a TransAsia Airways plane crashed into a river near Taipei on Wednesday, according to officials. The plane was carrying 58 passengers and crew and cartwheeled into the water shortly after taking off. Somehow, despite the plane lurching between buildings, hitting an overpass with its wing, and crashing, 15 people survived. According to authorities, there are also 15 people injured and 24 missing. The cause of the crash was not immediately clear but Taiwan's Central News Agency (CNA) quoted a government spokesman saying the plane crashed after hitting an elevated bridge. The plane had just taken off from Taipei Songshan Aiport and was en route to the Kinmen Islands off the coast of southeast China.

Smells Like Denmark

More than half a century after she published her only novel, the author of To Kill a Mockingbird has announced that she'll publish a new book this summer. Malcolm Jones asks: Is it really new—and is it is really her idea?

Stinky Business

Investigators found the draft of an arrest warrant for Argentine President Cristina de Kirchner in Alberto Nisman's trash after his mysterious death. Romina Ruiz-Goiriena reports.

Jordan Executes 2 Over Pilot's Death
Just hours after ISIS video released.
Seattle Debuts First Pot Vending Machine
First in Washington state.
China Bans Online Impersonation
Companies will have to enforce it.
First African-American Pro Golfer Dies
Charlie Sifford was 92.

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