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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Our Exclusive Interview With President Obama

Talking Obamacare, Hillary, and much more in a BuzzFeed News interview.

Obama Defends His Legacy In Exclusive Interview

BuzzFeed News sat down with President Barack Obama to talk about everything from Obamacare to Hillary Clinton. Here’s our interview with the president.

we sat down with the president


The president also told BuzzFeed News that marriage equality is on the verge of becoming the law of the land: “My sense is that the Supreme Court is about to make a shift."


In other big news: First Stephen Colbert left The Colbert Report. And now Jon Stewart is leaving The Daily Show.


These parents couldn't find dinosaur dresses for their daughters, so they took matters into their own hands. The result is absolutely adorable.


Someone got a tattoo of Katy Perry's left shark. We're not far into 2015, but this year's tattoos are already crazy.


One man tried to guess the names of nail polish colors. Get ready: His attempt will definitely leave you laughing.


Disney brought magic into your childhood. But these hilarious Disney Valentine's cards might ruin it for you.


Taking yourself to dinner. Dealing with annoying couples. And 31 other things you'll understand if you're single on Valentine's Day.


Speaking of Valentine's Day: If you're not into celebrating, you'll love these terrifically terrible cards.


Remember Rugrats? What about CDs that skipped? These photos will take you back to your childhood.


And lastly: Love can be pretty complicated. Find out how in love you actually are.

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