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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Obama Defends His Legacy In Exclusive Interview

Talking about marriage equality, Hillary, and more in a wide-ranging interview.

BuzzFeed News interviews President Obama

In a BuzzFeed News interview with President Barack Obama, the president celebrated Obamacare and marriage equality, blasted Vladimir Putin and Staples, and set down a marker for Hillary Clinton. BuzzFeed Editor-In-Chief Ben Smith reports from Washington.

more from our interview with the president

President Obama told BuzzFeed News that marriage equality is on the verge of becoming the law of the land: “My sense is that the Supreme Court is about to make a shift, one that I welcome."

the president's comments on Kayla Jean Mueller

Just hours after ISIS hostage Kayla Jean Mueller was confirmed dead, President Obama focused on “what she stood for — and how it stands in contrast with the barbaric organization that held her captive.”

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