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Thursday, February 5, 2015


These devilish people took pranks to the next level.

24 Times Pranks Got Taken To A Whole New Level

What kind of monster would mix together gumballs and bouncy balls? Apparently, these pranksters would.

That really sucks, dude.


Being a single parent is tough. But this dad found an adorable way to be there for his daughter.


There are some things you never want to find in your food. Unfortunately, this woman wasn't so lucky.


Friends has been around for a while. Remember the characters' little kids? Here's what they look like now.


You can't always keep your online presence private. Be careful what you upload to the web: Nothing is as private as you think it is.


Heroes come in all different forms. And these people went the extra mile for the greater good.


Did you realize Snow White was supposed to be 14-years-old? If Disney princesses actually looked their age, things would be completely different.


Romance isn't like the movies. There are some lessons of love every young person learns the hard way.


And finally: Speaking of romance, have you ever wondered what kind of romantic partner you are?

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