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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Cheat Sheet - Assault on ISIS HQ

Read This, Skip That ....

February 05, 2015
From The Sky

Warplanes pounded the ISIS capital on New Year's Day—part of an operation, well-placed locals say, to save a captured pilot. Jacob Siegel and Kevin Maurer report.


The claim that his helicopter was hit by an RPG in Iraq blew up in his face. Lloyd Grove writes the NBC anchor is busy apologizing to salvage his reputation—and career.


The nation's second-largest health-insurance company said Wednesday that as many as 80 million customers have had their account information stolen. Anthem Inc. posted a statement on its website explaining that hackers gained access to customer information, including names, birthdays, medical IDs, Social Security numbers, street addresses, email addresses, and employment information such as income data, said CEO Joseph Swedish. The hack applies to both current and former customers, the statement said. The company has contacted the FBI and is working to evaluate the systems with computer security firm Mandiant. The breach was discovered last week, according to Anthem. 


Actress Teresa Palmer opens up to Marlow Stern about the widespread hacking of female celebrities and how the targeted women held a summit where they aired their grievances.


Police said a 9-year-old girl was shot while preparing to sell Girl Scout cookies with her two sisters on Tuesday in Indianapolis. Sinai Miller was shot after witnesses reported seeing someone fire a gun indiscriminately out of an SUV window, according to investigators. Police believe a stray bullet hit Miller. Officer Christopher Wilburn, a spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, said authorities do not believe the shot was meant for the child, but that witnesses did not report seeing anyone else around the children at the time of the incident. Investigators are looking for a blue Ford Expedition.

Space Probe Returns Images of Pluto
Including its largest moon.
12 Still Missing in TransAsia Crash
Death toll rises to 31.
Video Shows Cop Punch Woman in Face
She files $1M claim.
Two Shot at Maryland High School
Suspects at large.
Tweets to Appear in Google Search
Twitter, Google strike deal.

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