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Sunday, February 8, 2015

It Happened Again

Life gets awkward sometimes. But the important thing is, it’ll eventually pass.

25 Everyday Moments That Are Actual Hell If You’re Awkward

When you’re awkward, everything is a potential disaster. Be careful out there.

at least it can't get worse!


Valentine’s Day is almost here. And this is the bouquet everyone really wants.


The other thing every woman wants this year: Permission to say goodbye to their bras forever.


This woman couldn’t find “The One.” So when she turned 40, she decided to marry herself.


Some things go unnoticed by most people. But Tumblr always notices.


Jack White’s secret guacamole recipe leaked on the internet. So we made it — and it’s actually pretty good!


Parents judge each other for a lot of stuff. But they really shouldn’t.


It’s been a month since you made that New Year’s resolution. It’s getting harder to go to the gym. So get back into it with the BuzzFeed 14-Day Butt And Core Challenge.


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