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Sunday, February 8, 2015

What Should We Ask President Obama?

BuzzFeed News wants your questions as we interview the President Tuesday.

we want your questions!

BuzzFeed News will interview President Barack Obama Tuesday as the president works to sign Americans up for his signature health care policy, prepares for a final chance to push through other elements of his agenda, and balances an economic recovery with crises around the world.

And we want your questions. Just reply to this email — or send a note to — and we’ll bring the best questions to the President.

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1 comment:

eric saferstein said...

If you wish to significantly alter the course of history and humanity with the upcoming Obama interview...

The question nobody's allowed to ask --- "President Obama, considering the prevalence of large, confined crowds in the U.S. (stadiums, ballparks, motor speedways, etc.), shouldn't the government explicitly warn fans that LEGITIMATE venue emergency evacuation orders do NOT come from their personal cell phones?"

Reason being... it would be a malicious hoax designed to induce an "artificially generated stampede." agsaf dot org


You can ask him what he's gonna git Michelle for Valentine's Day!