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Sunday, January 25, 2015

Ugh, Mom!

This Instagram account perfectly captures what it's like having an overbearing mother.

Seriously, mom?


Put down the chips. Throw out the candy bars. It's so much easier (and more delicious) than you realized to snack healthy.


If you're not quite a "people person," take solace — there are other introverts out there who understand.


Cats are often aloof creatures. But that doesn't mean they secretly hate you — does it?


Being a teenager is tough. It's practically something right out of a horror movie.


Speaking of horror: The '00s were a strange time for fashion. Never forget that we used to dress like this.


Finding dresses that are long enough. Having leg room on airplanes. And other problems all tall girls face.


And lastly: Love is patient, love is kind. And there's nothing better than a hilariously adorable love story.

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