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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Think About It

These statements will really change how you think about the world.

Technology is so weird, dude.


Facebook and Instagram went down yesterday. And an amazing social media meltdown followed.


A principal declared a snow day due to the weather. You'll never believe how he made the announcement.


In more snow news: Moms everywhere were on high alert for the recent snowstorm. And they sent some really hilarious texts.


Fast food can be questionable. Watch out: These fast food horror stories might leave you feeling sick.


Are you living where you truly belong? Or perhaps another city is where you're really meant to be.


Texting a crush can be a tricky proposition. There are just so many things you wish you could say.


Drunk texting an ex? We've all been there. The drunk version of you plays some pretty evil tricks on sober you.


Are you still single? Not to worry: We can tell you when you'll tie the knot.


And finally: Your name says a lot about you. Find out what it reveals about your inner animal.

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