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Wednesday, January 28, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

Poll Shows Democrats Lose Swing-Voters Over Amnesty

Voters will side with the GOP if they fight President Obama's effort to print work-permits for millions of migrant workers, according to a new poll. The large poll shows that 47 percent of  the 1,593 respondents approve of Obama's overall…

Florida School Voucher Expansion Yielding Results

'The state is considered a school choice pioneer'

New York Dems Plan Sheldon Silver's Ouster

'I am still a member of this house.'

Hillary Clinton Is Reportedly Willing To Testify About Benghazi

'She said 'I'll do it,' period'

Teacher Pensions Going To Kill Us All

Half a trillion owed, and not a penny in sight

NUGENT: HBO Host Bryant Gumbel Doesn't Get Guns, Calls The NRA 'Pigs'

Hey WaPo, One Of Your Reporters May Need A Twitter Time-Out

State Dept Benghazi Witness Gets Grilled About His Criticism Of Conservatives

'You can't give a straight answer'

Did Nude Photos Of Taylor Swift Just Get Released In This Twitter Hack? [PHOTOS]

'Cause the hackers gonna hack, hack, hack...'

Why Have Conservatives Been More Successful On Abortion Than Gay Marriage?

It might have something to do with the children

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