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Monday, January 5, 2015

TheDC Morning - Today's Top Stories From The Daily Caller

TheDC Morning

Anti-Police Progressives: No Justice, No Brunch…Or Something

As anti-police protests peter out across the country, progressive activists are becoming increasingly desperate to maintain what they saw as momentum for their cause. But, as is the case with any dying movement, when the larger crowds dwindle, the…

More Republicans Say They Won't Support Boehner For Speaker

Rep. Paul Gosar to oppose Ohio Republican

Feds With Foreign Ties Get More Scrutiny — And They're Not Pleased

A necessary precaution or an intrusive measure?

NYPD Shuns De Blasio At The Funeral Of Second Slain Officer

Wenjian Liu and his partner, Rafael Ramos were killed Dec. 20

Sean Hannity Backs Louie Gohmert's House Speakership Run

'I support Louie!'

Passengers Stuck On An Airplane For Over A Day Thanks To Fog

Obama's Only Compliment For GOP: You Agree With Me

Louie Gohmert Declares Candidacy For Speaker Of The House

Finally! Meet Your 2015 Victoria's Secret Swimsuit Cover Model [PHOTOS]

And no, it's not Candice Swanepoel

Florida Rep. Ted Yoho Offers Himself Up As Boehner Replacement

'I would stand up to give our members that option'

Palin Responds To PETA Flap: 'At Least Trig Didn't Eat The Dog'


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