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Monday, January 5, 2015

Reuters Oddly Enough Report

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Sarah Palin photos of son stepping on dog trigger online outrage
(Reuters) - Facebook photos posted by Sarah Palin showing her son Trig using the family dog as a step stool unleashed online fury on Friday reminiscent of the public reaction to the disclosure that Mitt Romney had once driven with his dog strapped on the car's roof.
Argentina to start 2015 with lapdogs flying high
BUENOS AIRES (Reuters) - Argentine President Cristina Fernandez chose an unexpected theme for her year-end message to the country: a change in policy at the state-run airline to allow passengers to carry their already notoriously-pampered lapdogs with them on flights.
Penny for her thoughts: Puppy heads home after 2,400-mile U.S. road trip
SEATTLE (Reuters) - A puppy called Penny could be reunited with her worry-stricken U.S. owners by week's end after she went on a nearly 2,400-mile road trip that took her to an Iowa truck stop and a Pennsylvania pet hospital, her family said on Tuesday.
India to track toilet use with tablets
NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is launching a nationwide online program to check whether people are using toilets as part of his cleanliness drive.From next month, officials will head out with mobile phones, tablets and iPads to report on whether toilets are being used in rural India, with results uploaded onto a website in real time.
Ice-cream shop closure stirs Venezuela's economic blame game
CARACAS (Reuters) - Venezuela's Tourism Ministry denied on Monday that a famous ice-cream store had closed due to lack of milk, the latest quirky twist in the bitter national debate over who is to blame for the nation's economic problems.
Oregon woman's U.S. return stalled after East Timor prison release
PORTLAND, Ore. (Reuters) - An Oregon woman arrested while traveling in East Timor and released from prison there on Christmas Day has yet to regain her U.S. passport and is not expected to be able to return home before the new year, her mother said on Monday.
L.A. man charged with leaving baby outside on Christmas
LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A man accused of leaving his six-month-old daughter in the cold outside his Los Angeles home at 2 a.m. on Christmas Day and then passing out drunk has been charged with child endangerment, prosecutors said on Monday.
Transit cops deliver baby on Philadelphia train
(Reuters) - A baby boy was born on a crowded Philadelphia subway train late on Christmas Day, delivered by two transit policemen who harkened to the call of duty armed with surgical gloves and lots of pluck.
'Hobbit' takes third straight win at U.S., Canada box office
NEW YORK (Reuters) - The last of Peter Jackson's three "Hobbit" films rode to a third straight weekend atop box office charts, selling an estimated $21.9 million in tickets at U.S. and Canadian theaters.
'Real Housewives of New Jersey' star begins prison sentence
(Reuters) - Teresa Giudice of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" reality television series surrendered on Monday to begin a 15-month prison sentence for fraud and hiding income to support a lavish lifestyle, according to her lawyer's office and a prison spokesman.
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