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Friday, January 30, 2015

Cheat Sheet - Conservative Scold Ken Starr Got a Billionaire Pedophile Off

Read This, Skip That ....

January 30, 2015

Many believe Jeffrey Epstein could have been jailed for life for violating scores of underage girls, but Ken Starr and the rest of his legal team got him a deal. M.L. Nestel reports on the man who pursued Bill Clinton for sleeping with an intern who's now protecting another lecher.


Rap mogul Suge Knight has been arrested for allegedly killing a man in a hit-and-run in Compton. Knight is accused of running over two men with his truck Thursday afternoon after an argument on the film set of Straight Outta Compton, a biopic about NWA. The confrontation began around 3 p.m., when Knight and two unidentified men began arguing, said the L.A. County Sheriff's Department. About 20 minutes after the alleged argument on set, the victims visited a burger shack where Knight is believed to have followed them before running them over in the parking lot, officials said. Witnesses said the truck hit the men, then backed over them before leaving the scene. One man was killed, the other severely injured.

MITT 3.0

Mitt Romney will announce his decision whether or not to run for president for a third time at 11 a.m. ET Friday. On Thursday evening, Romney sent out an email to supporters asking them to join him on a conference call Friday for "an update." The same night, Romney sent a memo to his inner circle highlighting three reasons he should run: He thinks he's the only qualified Republican in the field, polling is favorable to a win, and he thinks he can do better as a campaigner in 2016. There are also reportedly two reasons he would not run, including the toll it would take on the Romneys as well as how bruising the GOP nomination fight would be.

Cash Cows

Political action committees like those run by Al Sharpton and Newt Gingrich owe the government more than $1 million in outstanding penalties, back taxes, and other liabilities. The Center for Public Integrity reports you're getting stuck with the bills.


The Obama administration promised to overhaul how it brought captives home—and dealt with their parents. Five months later, families have just been given a form letter, Shane Harris and Nancy Youssef report.

NFL Claims Concussions Are Down
Dropped 11.8 percent from last season.
Obama Calls for Surge in Spending
Proposes adding $74 billion.
Fate of ISIS Hostages Unknown
As deadline passes.
Senate Passes Keystone XL Pipeline Bill
Despite Obama's threat to veto.
Russian, American Set Balloon Record
Crossed the Pacific.

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