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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The Internet Is Full Of Lies

LIES, I tell you! If you see it on Pinterest, it's probably impossible to actually do.

31 Foods That Failed So Hard They Almost Won In 2014

Let this be a lesson to us all: Just because you saw it on the internet doesn't mean it can be done.

haha NOPE


This Dad gave his kids the worst Christmas gifts ever. But their reaction will truly restore your faith in humanity.


Take a look at these early 2000s outfits. Can you make it through them without screaming for mercy?


Meanwhile, Britney Spears is on the cover of a big magazine this month. But because of Photoshop, it looks absolutely nothing like her.


This makeup artist's celebrity looks are totally spot-on. It's insane what one person can do with a ton of makeup.


If you're flying Delta this holiday season, here's a PSA from BuzzFeed News: There's a security flaw that lets you check in to flights as other people.


The Kardashians release a Khristmas Kard every year. Here's the definitive ranking of their holiday efforts.


Which hot guy do you deserve for Christmas? Take this quiz — and then hope that Santa delivers.


And finally: Everyone knows the many Disney princes. But nobody's asking the big question: What would Jewish mothers say about them?

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