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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Sony Emails: U.S. Blessed Killing Kim Jong-Un on Film

Read This, Skip That ....

December 17, 2014

Sony Pictures emails unearthed by The Daily Beast say two State Department officials gave their blessing to assassinating a foreign leader on film. Sony's CEO screened a rough cut of The Interview—Kim Jong-Un's exploding head and all—before moving ahead with the movie. Now hackers are threatening to bomb any theater that shows it.


A top court in the European Union ruled that Hamas should be removed from a terrorist organization list on Wednesday. The judges said their decision was based "not on acts examined," but "factual imputations derived from the press and the Internet." In its charter, Hamas explicitly states it is committed to the destruction of Israel. The Islamic extremist group is considered a terrorist organization by the U.S. and Israel among others, and it is known for actively encouraging violence.

Ruble Rubble

Russians are starting to feel the pain of the crashing ruble in their everyday life, and the Kremlin has no good solution. Vladimir Putin's people should get ready to be twice as poor as they were before the annexation of Crimea, reports Anna Nemstova.The land-grab may be more expensive than Putin thought.


On Tuesday, Jeb Bush announced he is "exploring" a 2016 presidential run. If he has any sense, he'll back off before officially tossing his name into the ring, writes Michael Tomasky. The "smart Bush" hasn't run a campaign since 2002, and he's unlikely to enjoy any good will from the Dubya haters.


Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lifted a moratorium on the death penalty Wednesday in the wake of the Taliban attack on a school that left 132 students and nine teachers dead. "It was decided that this moratorium should be lifted. The prime minister approved," said spokesman Mohiuddin Wani. Pakistani Taliban gunmen opened fire in a military-run school in the northwest city of Peshawar on Tuesday as an act of revenge for recent U.S.-backed military operations in North Waziristan and the Khyber area. 

England Picks 1st Female Bishop
Only took 500 years.
Afghan Taliban Condemns Pakistan Attack
Rare dispute between Taliban groups over school killings.
PM Launches Sydney Siege Review
Will focus on gunman's circumstances.
Johns Hopkins Mistakenly Admits Students
Sends acceptance emails to 294 rejected students.
Sierra Leone to Search Homes for Ebola
Rates of infection rising fastest there.

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