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Monday, December 8, 2014

Santa, No!

Some Christmas fails, once seen, can never be unseen.

Feed you WHAT, Santa?


When this guy lost his wedding ring scuba diving, he thought he'd never get it back. That's when the internet stepped in.


This man's rare genetic disorder doesn't stop him. In fact, he's inspiring young children with the same condition.


A self-watering plant pot. Toast-inspired coasters. And 29 other gifts you never realized you could get on Amazon.


It's exclusively in Australia for now, but: Pizza Hut has a new crust made only out of Doritos and cheese.


Every baby book includes first steps and first words. But maybe they should also include the first time your baby draws all over the walls.


The best way to serve food? Inside even more food. Who knew food-ception could be so delicious?


Your walls are a blank canvas. Why not transform them with one of these brilliant ideas?


And lastly: Don't let the holidays stress you out. Learn how to keep Christmas from becoming Crisis-mas.

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