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Monday, December 8, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Special Forces' $77M 'Hustler' Hits Back

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December 08, 2014
Hikmatullah Shadman made millions of dollars via a "sole source" contract from the U.S. government to provide supplies and logistical support to Special Forces in southern Afghanistan. Now, the U.S. says he's defrauded the government out of nearly $80 million. But Shadman is fighting back against charges he fleeced the soldiers he says he loved, reports Kevin Maurer.
The Taj Mahal in Atlantic City was once the crown jewel in the Donald Trump casino empire. Now, the casino is depressingly empty and parts of the hotel are closed ahead of its imminent December 12 shutdown. The decrepit Atlantic City landmark embodies the fading promise of New Jersey's gambling glory. Trump tells Olivia Nuzzi that none of it is his fault.
Democratic incumbent Senator Mary Landrieu's Louisiana loss to Bill Cassidy over the weekend made one thing clear: The Democrats need to ditch the South. Trying to win Southern seats is not worth the ideological costs for Democrats, writes Michael Tomasky. The party doesn't need them.

The U.S. did not know that the release of South African hostage Pierre Korkie was imminent when it led a raid on the Yemen-based terrorists holding him and American Luke Somers captive. The Gift of the Givers, a South African humanitarian group, had been in talks to secure Korkie, a 56-year-old teacher. U.S. Ambassador to South Africa Patrick Gaspard said the U.S. was "unaware of ongoing negotiations that had any resolution" and it was "not altogether clear" to him that the South African government was aware of the talks either. Korkie and Somers were killed during the botched U.S.-led rescue mission Saturday. "We were just completely unaware of those developments and had to act hastily," said Gaspard. The Gift of the Givers said Korkie was set to be released on Sunday.


In Berkeley, California, a second night of protests against police killings of unarmed black men in Missouri and New York turned violent again Sunday as some demonstrators threw explosives at officers, assaulted each other, and shut down a freeway, police said. The California Highway Patrol said some protesters made their way to a freeway in Oakland and blocked traffic. The CHP said some tried to light a patrol vehicle on fire and threw rocks, bottles, and an explosive at officers, and that highway patrol officers responded with tear gas. The highway patrol said it was making arrests, but no figures were available.

Honeymoon Murder Case Tossed Out
Shrien Dewani is a free man.
New Delhi Bans Uber After Alleged Rape
Driver had previous rape charge.
Massive L.A. Fire Shuts Down Freeways
More than 250 firefighters battling the blaze.
Kennedy Center Honors Hanks, Sting
And Al Green, Lily Tomlin, Patricia McBride.
Dallas Ebola Doctor Admits Mistakes
Was unaware of 103-degree fever.

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