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Friday, December 26, 2014

Cheat Sheet - A Love Story, Crushed by ISIS

Read This, Skip That ....

December 26, 2014

She is Sunni, he is Shia. Sabrine and her soldier husband managed to marry against all odds, including her family's wrath. Now, reports Ruth Michelson, their love story faces an even bigger threat—his abduction by al Qaeda.


According to new research from nonprofit Zero to Three, even children under the age of 3 can use touch-screen technologies like an iPad as part of their learning experience. Russell Saunders reports on the new guidelines defying pediatricians' long-standing recommendations on screen time.


America's $400 billion, top-of-the-line F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is scheduled to enter service next year after two decades in development. But, as Dave Majumdar reports, the jet won't be able to support troops on the ground as well as older planes, can't see the battlefield as well, and cannot transmit video to infantrymen in real time.


It's been a rough month for Sony. Hackers claimed responsibility for crashing PlayStation and Microsoft's Xbox networks over Christmas, asking for retweets in exchange for ending the problem. The group Lizard Squad took to Twitter to announce it was behind the connection failure, adding that it used distributed denial-of-service attacks to flood the networks with traffic and bring down the services. Lizard Squad said it would end the attack if users retweeted its statements. Xbox Live posted a message Thursday evening announcing it resolved the issue, but many PlayStation users continued to experience problems. Lizard Squad took credit for separate attacks on each network earlier this month. 


When police in Chicago responded to a suicide call on Thursday, a man charged at a police officer with a knife, stabbing him twice. "Officers engaged him at that time again, asking to put his weapon down," the police said. "He turned around and charged at the police officers again, and he was shot twice in the torso." The man died as a result of his wounds. The police officer is now in good condition with minor injuries as he was wearing a vest at the time of the attack.

Turkish Teen Cuffed for Erdogan Insult
Has since been released.
Airstrike Kills ISIS Governor of Mosul
According to Iraqi police.
Russia Sides With Kim on 'The Interview'
North Korea's anger is "quite understandable."
AP Denies Being North Korea Shill
After report that it distributed propaganda.
Topless Activist Nabs Jesus From Vatican
Hours after Christmas address.

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