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Friday, December 26, 2014

The More You Know

Should you know these things about sex? It's safe to say the answer is yes.

We'll have what he's having.


Christmas has come and gone. But no matter how yours was, it was definitely better than these people's.


Speaking of people who had a rough Christmas: Maybe *don't* try making a gingerbread house next year?


Of course, some people had the best day ever. Finding a puppy under the tree will do that.


This week in "you can't make this stuff up": A guy named Jack Daniels named his son Jim Beam.


This teenager was pulled over by the cops. But instead of a traffic ticket, she got the surprise of a lifetime.


Just putting this out there: Kevin McAllister from the Home Alone movies is basically a serial killer.


"These bacons are cool!" A dad is illustrating the things his 3-year-old says, and it's absolutely hilarious.


And finally: Want to see something adorable? This is how babies born this week are being sent home from the hospital.

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