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Monday, November 10, 2014

Cheat Sheet - Rand Paul: Obama's ISIS War Is Illegal

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November 10, 2014
President Obama has launched an undeclared war against ISIS, and in doing so, he has violated the Constitution, writes Sen. Rand Paul. The war must be declared or it must be ended.

Russia has engaged in almost 40 "volatile standoffs" against the West in the last eight months, according to a report released Monday by the European Leadership Network, a British nonprofit. Since Russia annexed Crimea in March, the country has appeared increasingly pugnacious in international relations. Russia has goaded Western countries by tempting physical and diplomatic clashes by deliberately not transmitting its war planes' positions, performing dangerously close overflights, and leading "mock bombing raids," as the report refers to them. "These events add up to a highly disturbing picture of violations of national airspace, emergency scrambles, narrowly avoided midair collisions, close encounters at sea, simulated attack runs and other dangerous actions happening on a regular basis over a very wide geographical area," said the report. It also urged Russia to "re-evaluate the costs and risks of continuing its more assertive military posture.

Three young Americans were allegedly captured and killed in October by the Hercules Group, a murderous Mexican group that effectively serves as police. Its members are even allegedly employed by the mayor of border city Matamoros, reports Jason McGahan. The political support for the armed thugs means it is almost certain the deaths will go unpunished.

Israeli police say a soldier was repeatedly stabbed Monday morning by a Palestinian resident at a train station in Tel Aviv. The solider, 20, is in critical condition. The assailant was arrested by police, who say he entered Israel illegally. The incident comes on the heels of three other attacks by Palestinians: On Oct. 23, one ran over people waiting at a train station with his car; on Oct. 30, a man shot Jewish activist Yehuda Glick; on Nov. 5, two people were killed and several wounded when a man drove his van into a crowd.

From George Soros to the Koch brothers, political adversaries across the U.S. can agree on at least one thing: prison reform. There are 2.3 million Americans behind bars, and taxpayers are spending up to $74 billion per year to keep them there, writes Tina Brown.

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