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Monday, November 10, 2014

Keep It Together

Even messy people can stay organized with these tips.

Organize everything.


Too many clothes? Follow these tips to get your closet cleaned out in no time.


"I ran into my dresser again." "My shirt buttons popped open." And other texts every curvy girl has sent.


Health food doesn't have to taste bad. In fact, these healthy foods taste great — and you should definitely learn how to cook them.


Cats are mysterious creatures. Luckily, these people have truly figured out the feline species.


Speaking of cats: This cat found the best place to nap. Hope you weren't planning on washing any dishes...


"Sure, I'll be your designated driver. Again." There's a lot to put up with when you don't drink.


And finally: Kids can ruin walls, clothes, and more. Learn how to clean up after your tyke terrorizes your home.

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