How to Stay Relevant, Even in Retirement
Hosted by Harriette Cole

You have spent 25 years in a satisfying job, raised a family and put your kids through college, and suddenly your employer says, "That's it, we don't need you anymore." But you're still young and have lots of living left to do. What are you supposed to do now? You can start by watching this week's The Root Live: Bring It to the Table.

This week's guests are Dionne Polite, who is AARP's associate New York state director of multicultural outreach, and William Hamer, who is chairman of Harlem Advocates for Seniors, a senior-leadership coalition dedicated to empowering and advocating for seniors. They share strategies for staying relevant and active after retirement.

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  • Dionne Polite, Associate State Director of Multicultural Outreach, AARP New York
  • William Hamer, Chairperson, Harlem Advocates for Seniors
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