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Monday, October 27, 2014

ScienceDaily: Living Well News

ScienceDaily: Living Well News

Relationships benefit when parents, adult children use multiple communication channels

Posted: 24 Oct 2014 11:20 AM PDT

Adult children's relationship satisfaction with their parents is modestly influenced by the number of communication tools, such as cell phones, email, social networking sites, they use to communicate, research has found.

Mother's gestational diabetes linked to daughters being overweight later

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 12:50 PM PDT

Women who developed gestational diabetes and were overweight before pregnancy were at a higher risk of having daughters who were obese later in childhood, according to new research. Based on long-term research that included a multi-ethnic cohort of 421 girls and their mothers, the study is among the first to directly link maternal hyperglycemia (high blood glucose) to offspring being overweight later.

Sunshine may slow weight gain, diabetes onset, study suggests

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 12:50 PM PDT

Exposure to moderate amounts of sunshine may slow the development of obesity and diabetes, a study in mice suggests. The researchers showed that shining UV light at overfed mice slowed their weight gain. The mice displayed fewer of the warning signs linked to diabetes, such as abnormal glucose levels and resistance to insulin.

Some online shoppers pay more than others, study shows

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 10:22 AM PDT

Numerous instances of price steering and discrimination on many popular e-commerce retail and travel websites have been uncovered by new research. That's not necessarily a bad thing, researchers say -- so long as the companies are transparent.

Changes at the grocery store could turn the burden of shopping with children on its head

Posted: 23 Oct 2014 10:13 AM PDT

Avoiding power struggles in the grocery store with children begging for sweets, chips and other junk foods – and parents often giving in – could be helped by placing the healthier options at the eye level of children and moving the unhealthy ones out of the way. A new study found that this dynamic is particularly frustrating for caregivers on limited budgets who are trying to save money and make healthy meals.

Hair raising tales of lice and tips from specialist

Posted: 22 Oct 2014 09:30 AM PDT

Autumn brings tales of scary delight, but none terrifies parents so much as the note home from school that a case of lice has been detected. "While the make-believe vampires are prowling for candy, head lice are looking for a real blood meal," said a pediatric infectious disease expert.

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